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What is the Energy Solutions TECH Incentives Program?

There’s no question about the benefits of renewable energy. It provides cleaner air, protects wildlife habitats, and helps establish a healthy planet. The problem is that renewable energy adoption and use are pretty low. The more non-renewable energy sources are in use, the worse it is for the environment. For instance, the use of gas-based … Continued

How Often You Need to Clean Your Ducts (& Why)

Is the Air in Your Home Healthy? What You Should Know One of the main causes of indoor air quality issues is the presence of dust, allergens, or bad smells. The quality of air in our homes can be improved by reducing the amount of dust.  The heating and air ducts in your home can … Continued

Complete Guide to Financing a New Heater

How to Know When You Need a New Heater Heating is one of the most important things in the winter. A new heating system saves you money on energy costs in the long run, so buying a new one is an investment for your future. Because of newer technology that reduces fumes and chemical emissions, … Continued

Why is My Heater Making Noises?

Your heater is like a friend who comforts you when the weather is screaming minus degrees. It’s the best feeling ever, right? Now imagine that same friend, but this time they’re yelling at you and making all sorts of weird noises. That can be pretty annoying, especially when you can’t figure out what’s wrong with … Continued

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Ductwork?

Sadly, there is no straight answer to this question without looking at the various factors surrounding the specific duct. However, a replacement cost is often around $35-$55 per linear foot or $175 – $400 per duct. Ideally, it will cost around $1,000 to $5,000 for a single-family home. Why is Ductwork so Important? Good ventilation, … Continued

Why Is My Heater Making an Unusual Smell?

That unusual smell that runs all over the house when the heater is on can be pretty intimidating. Your worries are justified despite this being a common thing that most homes with central heating systems experience. Basically, if you live in a house full of occupants and pets but neglect the HVAC systems, these issues … Continued

Why Is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

While the Coachella Valley and Riverside, California areas’ weather can go up to 107°F, the cold weather is often discomforting. At night when the temperature drops, most homes depend on their HVAC to provide warmth, and it’s disturbing to have your heater blowing cold air! For almost four months of the year, starting in late … Continued

Why Is My AC Leaking Water?

Your air conditioner is built to brave extreme conditions while regulating the heat and humidity of the indoor air. With proper and regular maintenance, the AC unit should function as expected throughout the year. However, at some point, you may notice unusual happenings, such as water leaks or ice build-up. These problems are common, but, … Continued

The Complete Guide on Home Air Conditioning Systems

Why You Have Uneven Cooling In Your Home What is an HVAC System? An HVAC system is a mechanical system that provides fresh air ventilation, removes the heat, and transfers heat. It mainly includes an air-handling unit, ducts to distribute the conditioned air to various rooms or zones within the building, filters to remove particles … Continued

The SEER Ratings Guide for Homeowners

Introduction: What is a SEER Rating? A SEER rating is a measure of the cooling efficiency of a central air conditioning unit or heating efficiency of a heat pump. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating is a measure of cooling efficiency for central air conditioners. It is based on the temperature difference between indoor … Continued

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